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Hello all.
I am home for the holidays!
Its been a very interesting trip.
My first time to see the Mississippi Gulf Coast/New Orleans since the storm.
(I left for Seattle in August)
I haven't really trusted outside news and was anxious to come home and find out what is really going on here.
Soo many emotions.
I'm sure I don't have to go into detail.
Here is what I am interested in though.

I would like to create a zine for people who were affected by the storm. I'm tired of hearing people outside of the south ASSUME they know what its like in the south etc. So, I wanted to ask people for their:
opinions/stories/poetry/photos/artwork etc.
If yur interested in sharing let me know! If yur not familiar with what a zine is...well its basically a magazine, but its DIY (do it yurself) style. No advertisments just me cutting and pasting and distributing out to the public! This is a chance for our voices to truly be heard!
Thanks in advance!
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